What exercises are safe when pregnant? First trimester

Tips and advises given in this post is not from trained medical personnel, nor from professional trainers. Everything in the following are my personal ideas about what is best for me, and no list is complete.    With my first two pregnancies, which resulted in two beautiful children, I was never worried about working out.  In… Continue reading What exercises are safe when pregnant? First trimester

7kg down in 4months: baby on the way

I need to rethink my plan of losing weight this spring. It is not good for my baby if I'm dieting to lose weight. Probably I'm more likely to gain weight the next months. So new plan... I need to do some research. The basic will be to eat healthy and keep working out, not… Continue reading 7kg down in 4months: baby on the way

Motivation is showing itself…

It is getting easier to motivate myself for my exercises. I'm not in any shape worth mentioning jet, but it is easier to go find my gear and get going. That's a start!  Of course, it getting brighter outside, we have more daylight here up north. It is getting warmer. All in all it makes… Continue reading Motivation is showing itself…

First exercise since forever

Yesterday I completed the first exercise I have had since forever. Or at least since August. It was awful! And amazing! I will probably not be able to walk properly for a week. The best part: my husband agrees to give me 2 hours of from home duty every Thursday to go exercise. This is… Continue reading First exercise since forever