7kg down in 4 months: weekend in Copenhagen

A grownups only weekend in Copenhagen was probably not the best for my diet. It was very good for the rest of me and the relationship to my husband. It was great to long to see my children again, and not to dread being alone with them for too long.  But my diet suffered. It… Continue reading 7kg down in 4 months: weekend in Copenhagen

What a weekend!

It's been quiet from me over the weekend. There is a reason for it. No disaster. No one is sick. It's just been crazy. Probably since I wrote my list over what to do when alone with the kids.  I wasn't alone this weekend. We had plans. We had visitors. We had playdates. Still. It… Continue reading What a weekend!

Alone with the kids: The list

Now it's finally here: The list of what to tho when you're alone with the kids over the weekend. The list I definitely should have had ready two weeks ago. Choose your battles. That's the most important in this family. In the everyday life there is a lot of battles. When alone with the kids… Continue reading Alone with the kids: The list