Toddler in charge

Tiny refused to get out of the bathtub today. Even after I drained the water.  Someone is more into personal hygiene than others!  - Sofie P.s. Would have loved to share a pic of angry Tiny refusing to leave an empty bathtub, but me being internet-wise refuse to do so. For my kids sake 😉

Those little things

It is amazing how important a small, everyday comment can be to someone. Just a "hello", "good to see you", "we missed you last weekend" can mean the world to that one single person who's had a terrible day. Or week.  Last week I stopped to have a chat with one of my son's preschool… Continue reading Those little things

Explainable tantrums

Since last weekend I have been reading about children's development leaps. All the articles I find describe how the children tend to act out and misbehave during these periods. Not by bad will, but because of frustration and feelings they are just not capable of handling any better.  I realize that both my children, aged… Continue reading Explainable tantrums