The important little things

Today I had a plan to share a post about how awful it is to be awaken 05 in the morning, being super busy at work and just simply never get a break. Then I read in the local newspapers about a five year old boy and his three year old sister. Being hit by… Continue reading The important little things

When the kids are as quiet as the ocean

The kids were playing so nice and quietly today that we didn't tell them that the dinner was ready.  We simply ate a pleasant, quiet meal. Had some grown up conversation. Enjoyed the prospect of several moments like this in the future.  At my afternoon walk with Buddy I had the rare experience of a… Continue reading When the kids are as quiet as the ocean

Those little things

It is amazing how important a small, everyday comment can be to someone. Just a "hello", "good to see you", "we missed you last weekend" can mean the world to that one single person who's had a terrible day. Or week.  Last week I stopped to have a chat with one of my son's preschool… Continue reading Those little things

Alone with the kids, part 2

The list of what to do this weekend never happened. I decided to wing it. Sure, it usually get hectic when I have to entertain the kids by my self all day, but I figured I'll mange. How bad could it get? Yes,I know, I should know better. 04:32 the night was over for my… Continue reading Alone with the kids, part 2

Happy family (for once)

My last posts on family life has been kind of depressing. Screaming kids and parents going mad has been the red line in my family lately.  That makes it even better when everything runs smoothly and the kids show the amazing selves.  Yesterday we had some friends over for dinner. Friends we've known for a… Continue reading Happy family (for once)