There is definitely pros and cons when it comes to this snow.  Kids love it. Snow is without a doubt supreme entertainment.  Husbands hate it. Snow steals a huge amount of time. According to my husband. Shuffling snow is not a top five favorite. At least not when the snowblower is broken.  You've got my… Continue reading Snowblower

Sex?! Today?!

When does the husband ever turn down sex?  Oh yeah! If it's ovulation day and last chance for baby-making this month.  That's right. We're trying for number three. It has been kind of a bumpy ride this time. Our first two pregnancies happened almost before we went for it, and so we assumed the third… Continue reading Sex?! Today?!

The very first.

First post. First blog. And all I can think is "baaad idea". What could I possibly have to tell the world? Every week? Well... First of.. I'm pissed. And it's time to talk about it! And that would have been an intriguing start had I really been pissed. I'm not. I'm just sad. Feeling disgusted.… Continue reading The very first.