Pregnancy meal plan

I'm starting to get my meal plan right. It is not very detailed... I've realized that to be able to work full time, take care of my two children and my dog, exercise and grow a baby inside me, I can't spend too much energy planning my meals. It needs to be simple, healthy and… Continue reading Pregnancy meal plan

7kg down in 4months: baby on the way

I need to rethink my plan of losing weight this spring. It is not good for my baby if I'm dieting to lose weight. Probably I'm more likely to gain weight the next months. So new plan... I need to do some research. The basic will be to eat healthy and keep working out, not… Continue reading 7kg down in 4months: baby on the way

7kg down in 4 months: weekend in Copenhagen

A grownups only weekend in Copenhagen was probably not the best for my diet. It was very good for the rest of me and the relationship to my husband. It was great to long to see my children again, and not to dread being alone with them for too long.  But my diet suffered. It… Continue reading 7kg down in 4 months: weekend in Copenhagen

7kg down in 4months: week 1

The first week is over.  I failed twice. First when I ate an entire family sized bag of chips all by my self. Second because of the big box of caramels someone left next to the coffeemaker at work. I have been eating caramels all week.  The good part is that I have completed all… Continue reading 7kg down in 4months: week 1