I'm on a rollercoaster.  A month a ago I decided to be content with our two wonderful children. After two miscarriages I  needed to shift my focus. This weekend me and my husband decided we really wanted our family to include one more of these amazing little creatures that drive us mad and fill our… Continue reading Rollercoaster

The good talk

Me and my husband had one of those, the good talk, over the weekend. Or several, actually.  It has been a long time since we could start a conversation and finish it without any disturbance. Our communication lately have been mainly about everyday chores and logistics. We have had a rough winter, both of us.… Continue reading The good talk

Another round of winter

It's winter again. The snow that started yesterday never stopped coming. Traffic is chaotic. Probably people already forgot how to drive during winter. 1st of March gave us the spring feeling and all our snow handling capabilities disappeared within hours.  I really, really, really look forward to spring. Feeling the warmth of the sun. Swapping… Continue reading Another round of winter

Babyshower and mixed feelings

I'm going to a babyshower today. 15 friends, half of them pregnant, coming together to celebrate the upcoming due date of friend number sixteen.  Usually I love these events. Now I'm going with mixed feelings. Not that I'm not happy on behalf of the mother-to-be, I am, but all this baby-talk is kind of difficult… Continue reading Babyshower and mixed feelings

When the kids are as quiet as the ocean

The kids were playing so nice and quietly today that we didn't tell them that the dinner was ready.  We simply ate a pleasant, quiet meal. Had some grown up conversation. Enjoyed the prospect of several moments like this in the future.  At my afternoon walk with Buddy I had the rare experience of a… Continue reading When the kids are as quiet as the ocean

Home alone chocolate cake

Today I'm home alone. Or... The kids are home. And the dog. So, in other words, my husband is not home. And I have got cravings! At work we discussed cakes that are just as good straight from the freezer as freshly baked. Since then I have had cravings for that special easy-to-make chocolate cake… Continue reading Home alone chocolate cake