I'm on a rollercoaster.  A month a ago I decided to be content with our two wonderful children. After two miscarriages I  needed to shift my focus. This weekend me and my husband decided we really wanted our family to include one more of these amazing little creatures that drive us mad and fill our… Continue reading Rollercoaster

Meditation lost

I haven't done my meditation since before the weekend. It somehow feels like I've lost it. I know all I have to do is get back on the mat. I need it now.  We've again decided to try to get pregnant and I can sense the mud start clinging on me again.  I need to… Continue reading Meditation lost

The good talk

Me and my husband had one of those, the good talk, over the weekend. Or several, actually.  It has been a long time since we could start a conversation and finish it without any disturbance. Our communication lately have been mainly about everyday chores and logistics. We have had a rough winter, both of us.… Continue reading The good talk

7kg down in 4 months: weekend in Copenhagen

A grownups only weekend in Copenhagen was probably not the best for my diet. It was very good for the rest of me and the relationship to my husband. It was great to long to see my children again, and not to dread being alone with them for too long.  But my diet suffered. It… Continue reading 7kg down in 4 months: weekend in Copenhagen

7kg down in 4months: week 1

The first week is over.  I failed twice. First when I ate an entire family sized bag of chips all by my self. Second because of the big box of caramels someone left next to the coffeemaker at work. I have been eating caramels all week.  The good part is that I have completed all… Continue reading 7kg down in 4months: week 1

International Woman’s Day

International Woman's Day. 8th of march. The first woman's day was held in New York in 1909.┬áNext year, in Denmark, a meeting with 100 women from 17 nations was held. It was decided to have an annual dedicated day, the International Woman's Day, to promote equal rights and right to vote for all women. I… Continue reading International Woman’s Day

Baby shower and mixed feelings

The baby shower yesterday went ... Well! I prepared my self mentally, put on my happy-face and decided to get through the evening with my emotions intact.  I showed up just a tiny bit late to avoid being amongst the first few guests and showed of my most chatty self. It felt so good! I… Continue reading Baby shower and mixed feelings