28 weeks pregnant

I’ve been back at work for three weeks now, and it feels like an eternity since summer holiday. The air is still warm, but the cold mornings give us a hint of what’s coming.

The days fly by. 28 weeks pregnant and third trimester ahead of me.

I sleep a lot. In between naps I work, spend time with the kids and do laundry. I need a nap after work before picking up the kids from day care. After the kids are in bed I need a nap to stay awake past eight pm.

Still, I’m in pretty descent shape. No pelvic pains and my body is working for me and not against me.

I’ve upgraded my bed to include five pillows and I’m learning the hard way to eat smaller meals to avoid heartburn.

I try to not let the pregnancy be my main focus these days, after all I’ve got two children and a dog to care for, but somehow it’s what’s always on top of my mind. Guess nesting period is coming up soon…

– Sofie

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