Summer holiday finally at it’s end!

Never thought I’d be so happy to see the end of a summer holiday. We didn’t have a bad holiday, not at all, we actually had a rather good holiday this year. But wow. It has been exhausting!

Keeping a two year old and a four year old occupied and more or less happy all day everyday for four weeks. It takes its toll! It doesn’t help that I’m pregnant either.

My husband has been amazing, we’ve met up with family and friends and in general had a great time. Yeah, and I’m aware that we’re pretty lucky to be able to take four weeks vacation together.

Still, this Monday I delivered the kids at the daycare, and it felt great! The kids had been missing their daycare-friends and where so happy to be back. Us parents enjoyed the possibility to have an entire cup of coffee (tea for the pregnant lady) without having to run after at least one kid.

Grown up conversation about grown up stuff is good for us!

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