19 weeks pregnant and moody

Week 19 is closing in and I have crazy mood swings. After I got partial sick leave my mood has improved a lot, but still it takes noting to tick me of. Especially when I’m tired. My poor husband knows to let me get my rest these days!

Last night I couldn’t sleep from 04 to 09 in the morning, my head spinning with all these crazy thoughts. Not even my yoga breath could slow my mind down. I start looking forward to having my hormones back to normal, probably in a year’s time or so. 

This following Thursday I’m having what we here in Norway call the “regular ultrasound”-appointment. This is when we have a full checkup of the baby’s health, size and set the final due date. If we are lucky we can see the sex as well. I’m counting the hours and crossing my fingers that everything looks fine. 

With my two other children I’ve had no nerves prior to these checkups, but now I somehow emotionally understand that it’s not given that we get a healthy baby. I believe the baby is healthy, but the nerves are present… 

Crossing my fingers!
– Sofie

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