The glorious second trimester

Oh how I have been waiting for the boost of energy that is supposed to follow the second trimester of pregnancy! 

When week twelve arrived I felt the nausea slowly disappear, the energy, though, is jet to be seen. The first weeks were heavy on me mentally, I barely had energy to get to work and back, so I really looked forward to be revitalized after week twelve. Now I’m in week seventeen and it never happened. 

Last Monday I got fifty percent sick leave until the summer holiday starts. That gives me in total four weeks of reduced work to get myself together. Somehow it feels like a defeat to get sick leave this early in pregnancy, still it is a great relieve. When I left the doctor’s office it felt like I could finally breathe again. 

Now it’s up to me to spend the extra time not getting the house in order or picking the kids up early from day care, but to heal myself. 

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