13 weeks pregnant

The weeks are flying by! I’m in so much better shape than just a couple of weeks ago. I’m still tired, but the morning sickness is all gone. It feels wonderful!

Since last week I’ve had another ultrasound and my first official pregnancy checkup at the doctor’s office. 

I was so nervous before the ultrasound! In my heart I knew everything was ok; this amount of morning sickness, tiredness and growing breasts could not be wrong. Still I was quite anxious sitting in the waiting room. The doctor did a great job, checked everything that could be checked and it looks like we’re going to have a healthy little baby. Me and my husband were so relieved leaving the doctor’s office. 

The first official pregnancy checkup was ok. We filled out papers, took some blood tests and requested the main ultrasound checkup at the hospital. Everything looks fine and I can keep up my daily doings. 

Now I can feel the urge to stay up my yoga practice again. My body needs to move! I’ll probably start taking the dog out in the woods more often as well. It’ll be good for my husband to share the workload at home. At least for a little while! 
– Sofie

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