7 weeks pregnant

I’ve been away for a little while and I realize I won’t be able to be as present in social media as before. At least not the first following weeks.

The last couple of weeks has been … I can’t quite describe it. Tiny was sick all last week and me and my husband took turns in being sick as well. Sick and morning sickness is a bad combo. 

Now we are all on our feet. Finally! 

It’s been a tough week, and the pregnancy symptoms are notable. I barely make it through work and a couple of hours with the kids before I’m of to bed, sleeping till next morning. 

My exercise plans are all forgotten, now I focus on staying awake until the kids are in bed.  My meal plan is… It’s there. Mainly uphold by the fact that there is little variety in what I can have without my stomach turning. I eat little at the time, but all the time. I can barely go one or two hours without food before I start feeling seasick. So I eat ALL THE TIME. 

All in all these are good signs, hopefully meaning the seed in my tummy is still developing. Fingers crossed. When I get better after week 12 (I hope), I’ll return to my workout and meal plan. 

I’m seven weeks today. Tomorrow I’ll have the first ultrasound checkup. If Micro is developing right we should find a beating heart!

I’ll let you know how it goes! 
– Sofie

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