Pregnancy meal plan

I’m starting to get my meal plan right. It is not very detailed…

I’ve realized that to be able to work full time, take care of my two children and my dog, exercise and grow a baby inside me, I can’t spend too much energy planning my meals. It needs to be simple, healthy and work with our everyday routine. 

So the plan is:

  • Only eat fruits or vegetables as in between meals
  • Fish at least twice a week
  • At least one vegan dinner a week
  • Lots of vegetables every dinner
  • Only whole grain bread
  • Choose low fat alternatives
  • Sweets are for Saturday’s
  • Be careful of portion size
  • Stick to government advises when it comes to food and pregnancy

The list got a little longer than planned, but luckily most of my bullet points are already part of my family’s routine. 

We have fish at least twice a week. We always include veggies in our meals. Sometimes we do eat vegan. We only buy whole grain bread.

My job the following weeks is to choose fruits over sweets in between meals. Pick low fat alternatives. WATCH MY PORTIONS. 

The government pregnancy advises I find quite easy to follow. Make sure meat is properly cooked, only eat pasteurized dairy products and of course stay away from alcohol. There is more to it, but these are most important in my diet. 

This should be possible.

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep a varied, healthy, sustainable diet that keeps me from gaining too much weight during my pregnancy at the same time as I get all the nutrition me and my baby needs. 

Fingers crossed!  
– Sofie

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy meal plan”

    1. Thank you! I do listen to my body. The last year or so I’ve had the very bad habit of eating everything I want when I want it. It’s not good for me at all. I hope that by giving my eating habits a bit more focus I’ll be able to have a healthier diet, for both me and my baby. ❤

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