Intervall spinning class when 5 weeks pregnant

I’ve been to my first spinning class since I found out I’m pregnant. 

The advises about exercising when pregnant are ambiguous when it comes to intensity if you have had repeated miscarriages. Based on that I’ve decided not to exceed 70% of maximum puls during workouts in my first trimester.

It was so hard! 

During interval classes I usually push myself so hard that after the last interval I literally almost fall of my bike. Now I was suppose to meet up and only get a little sweaty. 

When entering the studio I could feel my mind and body getting into work mode. The room, the music, the context, everything made me want to push on. Every single interval I had to remind myself to slow down and reduce intensity. 

I managed to get through the class with maximum 78% of max pulse. I figure that’s ok. I felt energetic afterwords and did some core exercises before I left. 

Spinning class is definitely something I can continue doing, adjusting the intensity as I get bigger and more tired. Suppose I’ll change my max intensity to 80% for next week.  
– Sofie

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