What exercises are safe when pregnant? First trimester

Tips and advises given in this post is not from trained medical personnel, nor from professional trainers. Everything in the following are my personal ideas about what is best for me, and no list is complete.   

With my first two pregnancies, which resulted in two beautiful children, I was never worried about working out. 

In my fist pregnancy I was quite unwell the first trimester so there was little room for exercise. The second and third trimester I was in great shape. I went to high puls spinning classes, did high level yoga and had long, high puls walks in the woods with my dog. I had no trouble doing all this until the last three weeks before birth, when the exercise was reduced to only walking the dog. 

Now it’s different. After two miscarriages I worry about being active. Everywhere I read about how it’s good, safe and healthy to work out when pregnant, but not if you’ve had several miscarriages. That includes me now, doesn’t it? 

What kind of exercise is safe for me now? I will not do anything that could increase the risk of this pregnancy going bad. 

Here is what I’ve found about exercising when pregnant in general:

  • The workouts you used to do prior to getting pregnant will probably be ok. Be careful with contact sports and sports with risk of falling.
  • Exercises for strengthening of back and core is good, be careful with crunches.
  • Be careful with excessive jumping. 
  • When lifting weights avoid lifting at maximum strength, reduce weights. 
  • Be careful not to overheat, drink enough water.
  • Listen to your body. 

When it comes to exercise during pregnancy after several miscarriages there is less information to find. From what I’ve found, this is what I find important for me:

  • Do not push yourself to hard. Be active, but at moderate intensity. 
  • Be careful with jumping, running and squats. 
  • Do not lift heavy weights.

There is a large probability for me feeling unwell the rest of first trimester, but in any case I hope I’ll be able to stay active. I want to continue my spinning classes and my weekly run with the dog. In addition I would like to expand my yoga practice to focus on pro pregnancy exercises. 

During the first trimester I consider reducing my run to walk with the dog. A walk with enough tempo to get the heartbeat up and get a little sweaty.

The spinning class I’m joining is a high puls interval class. I really do not want to skip this class, it’s my once a week dedicated me-time. It’s sacred. Given that it is a spinning class I could join in without working maximum puls during the intervals. My solution is probably to join class and decide to never work the puls to high up.

For my yoga practice I do have available online pregnancy yoga classes. I’ll probably start out with one of those and see how it feels, how my body works with it. 

I’m simply terrified of doing anything wrong at this point, but if I take it easy and listen to my body it should probably be ok. 

The list of my weekly exercise during first trimester:

  • 3-4 walks with the dog, getting the heartbeat up. 30 min to an hour each time. 
  • 1 interval spinning class. Not to exceed 70% of max puls. (This I need to evaluate as I go)
  • Yoga online pregnancy class. 15 min to an hour each time. Total at least 1.5 hours a week. (I need to figure out how these classes work for me, and which I want to follow)

I hope this will be a safe weekly program for me. I also hope that I will be in descent enough shape to complete the program in addition to working full time and taking care of the two children I already have. Fingers crossed!  

– Sofie

5 thoughts on “What exercises are safe when pregnant? First trimester”

  1. I would say, walking! i teach yoga and am dying to get on the mat, but right now, just can’t! as a yoga teacher, we recommend 3 months for the baby to implant itslef firmly before we get moving and stretching. so walk walk walk….. it’s working for me…. šŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you for good advises! Luckily I have a few yoga-classes that are created for first trimester pregnancies. They are considerate towards the body and are focused on the balance between mind and body. There is still so much I can do if only I take the pregnancy into consideration. ā¤

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