7kg down in 4months: baby on the way

I need to rethink my plan of losing weight this spring. It is not good for my baby if I’m dieting to lose weight. Probably I’m more likely to gain weight the next months.

So new plan… I need to do some research. The basic will be to eat healthy and keep working out, not focusing on losing weight. 

When it comes to exercise I need to figure out how to work out, focusing on what is important during pregnancy and in preparation of giving birth. I should also figure out what to be careful with and what not to do. 

I always find eating healthy difficult if not giving it special attention. Now I’m not suppose to intentionally lose weight, but still eat healthy. I’ll try to figure out what is good to eat when pregnant and put together an ok meal plan focusing on getting the right combination nutritions. Foods to stay away from during pregnancy are already well implemented since I’ve practically been pregnant on and off since last August. 

Guess I have a lot of reading to do. Tips and reading lists are appreciated! 

– Sofie

4 thoughts on “7kg down in 4months: baby on the way”

  1. I was juuussst shy of being overweight going into my last pregnancy so there was no need for me gain “maternal fat stores” as they say. I did need to gain the literal baby weight (meaning the weight OF the baby), the placenta, the increased blood volume as well as breast tissue, but no extra fat. I didn’t go crazy to keep the weight down, I just followed two “rules” – to eat as much as I genuinely needed (which ended up being my normal amount, I was never eating for two) and I stopped eating deserts. Completely. I actually did this because my heart kept racing when I’d have sweets so I felt like my body was trying to tell me something.
    Anyway, I was able to just gain what my body needed to make a healthy baby, nothing more. 🙂 I gained 21lbs, delivered her on her due date and she weighed 8lbs10oz. It was a really positive thing for me (a self confidence booster) to gain a healthy amount and lose it all quickly.
    It’s not good to intentionally lose weight while pregnant, obviously, but it’s sometimes not necessary to do a bunch of gaining either. ^_^
    Just my two cents! Sorry for the novel. Lol

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    1. Thank you for your reply! I find it so hard to get the balance right. What is enough weight gain, what is too much. Guess I’ll just have to pay attention and make adjustments along the way. Anyway I’ll try to stay healthy 😊

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  2. well, i have to say this; i am really worried about gaining weight during my pregnancy. All my life, i have “watched my weight”; somehow when i do have an opportunity to “let go”; i am just not able to. I eat just right and what i am supposed to. if i have a craving,( though i have not had many as yet), i give in to it; though just with a bite size so that the craving is satiated.
    Optimum weight gain is 12-15 kilos…. but get to a youhappy and babyhappy weight! Post the delivery, you will lose it qucikly! 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment! It is difficult to know that I will gain even more weight when I do have my share of extra already. Hopefully I will be able to keep my weight gain at a reasonable level. I know from my previous pregnancies that most of the baby weight disappears quite quickly, but I still have some excess from my last pregnancy.

      Hopefully I’ll be better at eating healthy this time! 🙂

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