The good talk

Me and my husband had one of those, the good talk, over the weekend. Or several, actually. 

It has been a long time since we could start a conversation and finish it without any disturbance. Our communication lately have been mainly about everyday chores and logistics.

We have had a rough winter, both of us. The main focus has been to keep the head above water, and we have not been able to see and support each other as we should have. 

This weekend we have had time and energy. Time to find back to each other. Energy to see each other. Energy and time to talk about the rough path we walked on this winter.

We talked about how great our little family is. What a good spot we are in right now. We talked about what we see for our future together. About our initial plan to have more children. The fear of what could go wrong. How we want our children to have more than one sibling to rely on (fight with). The chaotic everyday life with three children. 

At one point we talked about getting rid of the heaps of baby clothes piling up, now that we don’t need them for baby number three. Should we give them to pregnant friends? Are there anyone less privileged who need clothes and toys for their babies? 

Over a cup of coffee, on a chilly, windy Sunday we realized that all our con’s was about us grownups. Three children means more noise, more stress, more follow-up, less money. 

All the pro’s are about the children. One more to play with, one more to rely on, one more to learn how to share with, one more to love. That last one counts for us grownups as well. 

Getting together. Getting time. Getting the possibility to collect some energy. We know what we want. Together. 

I guess we’re going for baby number three after all. 
– Sofie

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