7kg down in 4 months: weekend in Copenhagen

A grownups only weekend in Copenhagen was probably not the best for my diet. It was very good for the rest of me and the relationship to my husband. It was great to long to see my children again, and not to dread being alone with them for too long. 

But my diet suffered. It could have been worse. We actually had a healthy, low calorie vegan lunch both Saturday and Sunday. Breakfast was not very healthy, and definitely not dinner. On the upside we didn’t excess on alcohol and I kept my portions quite small. 

All in all, the diet this weekend should have been better if it was a normal home weekend, but as a first-travel-without-kids-in-five-years-weekend it was pretty ok. To boost it we walked more in two days than we usually do in a week. 

It will be exciting to see what the scale reads this Friday!
– Sofie

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