7kg down in 4months: week 1

The first week is over. 

I failed twice. First when I ate an entire family sized bag of chips all by my self. Second because of the big box of caramels someone left next to the coffeemaker at work. I have been eating caramels all week. 

The good part is that I have completed all my planned exercises and even included shine extra yoga practices. As I’ve said previously, I’m better at exercise than dieting. 

Lessons for next week:

  • Bring fruit to work to avoid eating caramels
  • Do not be alone around unhealthy food
  • Keep up the exercise 
  • But a new digital scale so it is possible to monitor the weight properly

Hopefully the diet-part will get better next week. 16 weeks left to reach my goal. 

– Sofie

P.s. I’m on my way to Copenhagen with my husband (no kids!) right now and will probably not be online too much over this weekend. I suppose my diet will suffer while traveling, but I’ll be right back on track by our return on Sunday! 😁

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