International Woman’s Day

International Woman’s Day. 8th of march.

The first woman’s day was held in New York in 1909. Next year, in Denmark, a meeting with 100 women from 17 nations was held. It was decided to have an annual dedicated day, the International Woman’s Day, to promote equal rights and right to vote for all women.

I Norway the first International Women’s Day was held in 1915. The fight for women’s rights have been long. Already in the 1800th this fight was building up. Camilla Collett gave through her writing some of the first descriptions of differences between men and women, arguing for equality. In 1884 the (priveliged) women in Norway got the right to study. In 1913 women got the same right to vote as men.

So much have been achieved.

I live in a society where I, a women, can choose to study for which ever profession I prefer. I can study to be a medical doctor. A dentist. A plummer. A nurse or a teacher.

I can demand equal pay for equal work.

My position at work is protected in case I get pregnant. I literary can’t get fired! If I have worked for 6 of the last 10 months I have the right to stay at home with our new born baby for 49 weeks getting fully paid. Day care is well developed and subsided. When I go back to work I can deliver my dearest at safe, reliable, educational day care at a price I can afford. Knowing everybody there is working for my child’s best interests.

All this make it possible for me to work. I can be a working mom knowing my family doesn’t suffer by it. I can make my own money. I can be economical self sufficient. This makes me able to escape from an abusive marriage. This makes me able to stand on my own two feet in case my husband decides lo leave me. This gives me altitude and self esteem. It tells me that I am an important individual even beyond caring for my house and family.

A lot is done already, but we are not finished. Typical female professions have lower wages than typical male professions. The amount of female leaders in the industry is ridiculous low.There is not one single female among the top football leaders in Norway.  The attitude and expectations towards women is all to much about looks, style and sex.

In other parts of the world the fight for female rights are at a totally different level.  In worlds where women are not allowed to leave the house without permission. In worlds where young girls are married to grown up men against their will. In worlds where girls are deprived the possibility to use birth control to do family planning. In worlds were women are expected to stay at home from the moment they are married.

There is a lot to fight for. We should fight for women’s rights here at home and out in the world. We should help women in worlds where they are diminished to see their worth. To give them strength to join in a fight for equality for all, despite sex.


Usually I do not like using the word “fight” in the same sentence as equal rights. We do not want to fight anyone. We want to work together. We want to find acceptable solutions for everybody. We want to be able to stand together, not slightly to the side and behind.


– Sofie


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