Baby shower and mixed feelings

The baby shower yesterday went … Well! I prepared my self mentally, put on my happy-face and decided to get through the evening with my emotions intact. 

I showed up just a tiny bit late to avoid being amongst the first few guests and showed of my most chatty self. It felt so good! I realize that I have not been very big on social events lately. I’ve missed being amongst more people and not only these one on one meetings. 

Get me right.  One on one meetings are good for the deeper talks, the good conversation. Still, it’s good to have a bit of light mood, laughter and superficial chitchat. One amongst many. Loved it. 

At least I loved it until my husband called to say he’d forgotten the keys to our house. Thirty minutes past bed time with two grumpy kids in the car. 

The evening ended early, but the few hours it lasted were good. A reminder to draw energy from social happenings. 
– Sofie

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