Babyshower and mixed feelings

I’m going to a babyshower today. 15 friends, half of them pregnant, coming together to celebrate the upcoming due date of friend number sixteen. 

Usually I love these events. Now I’m going with mixed feelings. Not that I’m not happy on behalf of the mother-to-be, I am, but all this baby-talk is kind of difficult to handle. The evening will be packed of baby gifts, baby tips, pregnancy advise and birth stories.

All I can think of in these situations is that I’m not 27 weeks pregnant. And not 18 weeks pregnant either. That I’ve decided stop trying, at least for now. I’m not doubting my decision, it’s good for me to have a different focus, but it somehow gets to me. 

There is so much baby everywhere these days. My sister just gave birth to a little girl, at work my colleague is closing in on due date, several of my friends are pregnant. I’m hardly at any social event without anyone’s pregnant. 

Maybe it’s just me, seeing pregnant women everywhere. 

Well. Anyhow. I’ll brace myself for tonight, give tons of good advice on birth, breastfeeding and pooping babies. Hopefully I don’t have to share my story of loss.

– Sofie

2 thoughts on “Babyshower and mixed feelings”

  1. Oh, goodness, I know the feeling. 😦 I was working at Babies R Us during my first miscarriage and it was so hard on me to see all those pregnant women and new babies! ((hugs))

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