7kg down in 4months: the plan

I have no illusions of me managing a low carb diet or any dramatical change. To reach my goal I’ll give myself a set of dos and don’ts. Hopefully these will aid me in reaching my goal. 

So here it comes.

Don’ts :

  • Sweets/junk food on weekdays
  • Take the elevator
  • Eat till there’s nothing left
  • Eat between meals


    • Have reduced portions
    • Cut down on gravy
    • Choose healthier snacks on weekends
    • Run with the dog on Tuesdays
    • Spinning class on Thursdays
    • Minimum 5 min yoga/meditation each day
    • Longer yoga/meditation session one day a week
    • Use the dog walks to get the puls up

    I’m excited to find out how this will work. The main focus is on activity, while the diet-part is more about awareness. 

    I’ll do some weighing along the way and see if I get the effect I want. If not I might have to get more drastic about my diet.

    Do you thing this will do it?
    – Sofie 

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