Up 7kg in 9 months. How to get back down in four?

I wasn’t sure I’d write this post. But here it is. No returning. 

Over the last 9 months I’ve gained 7kg. (That’s more than 15 pounds for those of you who don’t work with metrics.) 777 grams up per month since I stopped breastfeeding last May. I guess I put in some bad habits while breastfeeding.

This can’t continue. I do blame it on my state of mind this winter, on two pregnancies that didn’t work out. But still… This can’t continue.

I crave sugar all the time. All week. Every day. All day. I could live eating nothing but candy. And junk food. But I can’t. It’s time for me to start watching my diet. 

I’m not good at that. I’m no dieter. I’m more of a stay healthy and fit kind of person. Work out, be active and eat what ever I want. At this point I realize I have to regulate my food intake as well. Weight has never been my motivator. Now I’m making it my motivator.

The seven extra kilos (some would argue twelve) need to go. Not for me to be skinny, but for me to get healthy and feel well.

My goal over the next four months is to loose 7kg. Then the plan is to stay there. 

Now I’ve said it out loud. Now it counts. Within the end of June 2017 I am back at my normal weight. And I will stay there. 

I’ll let you know how it works out!
– Sofie

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