Alone with the kids, part 2

The list of what to do this weekend never happened. I decided to wing it. Sure, it usually get hectic when I have to entertain the kids by my self all day, but I figured I'll mange. How bad could it get? Yes,I know, I should know better. 04:32 the night was over for my… Continue reading Alone with the kids, part 2

Alone with the kids

An entire weekend, Friday morning to late Sunday evening, alone with the kids.  I have known about this weekend for a while, but I have put of dealing with it until now. And now it's here. An entire weekend.  My plan so far is to always have something to do. Something the kids enjoy. Something… Continue reading Alone with the kids

Bumps in the road of babymaking

The first round of babymaking was so easy. At least in retrospect.  The pregnancy test glowed positive almost before we even tried to get pregnant. We thought it would take at least a few months. It didn't.  The pregnancy was lightweight. Literary and figurative. I worked full time until I gave birth. Was in great… Continue reading Bumps in the road of babymaking

Happy family (for once)

My last posts on family life has been kind of depressing. Screaming kids and parents going mad has been the red line in my family lately.  That makes it even better when everything runs smoothly and the kids show the amazing selves.  Yesterday we had some friends over for dinner. Friends we've known for a… Continue reading Happy family (for once)

First exercise since forever

Yesterday I completed the first exercise I have had since forever. Or at least since August. It was awful! And amazing! I will probably not be able to walk properly for a week. The best part: my husband agrees to give me 2 hours of from home duty every Thursday to go exercise. This is… Continue reading First exercise since forever