Cleaning the mud of

I read through my list of blog posts today. Sorry to say, but most of them are more or less gloomy and dark sided. My intentions with this blog was not to make a new dark corner in the world.

My apologies to you all.

From now on I’ll try to focus on the good. The good in my life and the good in the world. As a start I included a pic of my beautiful, goofy Buddy. (Not the best pic, though.)

Since the last few days it feels like I’m pulling myself out of something. Like I’m cleaning the mud of.

From natures side I’m a bit of blue. A thinker that needs time to slow down, be on the meditative side of life. Not all the time, but once in a while. To reset, get back to basic and find my own ease.

This winter it has been something different. Something darker. I have a list of how to drag myself out of the darkness I usually see, but this winter I haven’t had the energy to even consider it.

Now I can feel the darkness slip. I’ve managed to start my list of how to get better. Every day a bit more of the mud is cleaned of. Some of it still lingers. It will linger for quite some time. The difference is that now I see the end of it.

I do not feel trapped anymore.

From now on I’ll keep it on the bright side. Mostly..


– Sofie



2 thoughts on “Cleaning the mud of”

  1. Just remember that writing about the dark can help you feel better… not that it’s exciting to read or motivational for readers, it may help someone else in a dark spot too. Your posts have been very intriguing to me, whether happy or dark. I enjoy them all and find it very relatable. Keep writing whatever you feel you need to write!

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    1. Thank you! It means a lot to get positive feedback 🙂

      I keep making all these stories in my head and it feels good to write them down, dark or bright. Glad you enjoy them!


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