Motivation is showing itself…

It is getting easier to motivate myself for my exercises. I’m not in any shape worth mentioning jet, but it is easier to go find my gear and get going. That’s a start! 

Of course, it getting brighter outside, we have more daylight here up north. It is getting warmer. All in all it makes the days roll a bit easier. 

Yesterday my mother-in-law watched the kids (the entire day!). Instead of using all that extra afternoon time after work all to myself, a cup of coffee and a magazine, I took the Dog for a run. The first run I’ve had in approximately six months. It is so good to get going. 

Somehow putting this babymaking-thing on the shelf has given me energy. Energy to care for myself the way I should (not by eating chocolate). I guess it’s more motivating to work out now that I know I’m not going to look like a whale within the next 9 months anyway. 

Next I am looking forward to tonight’s spinning class!

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