Babymaking on halt

It was a difficult decision to make. The decision to not have the third baby.

I remember my self thinking as I was giving birth to my second child: “This is torture! Maybe I should reconsider doing this again…”

Even before my second child was born, number three was in my, our, plans. Me and my husband are both from big families. We have lived and experienced the benefit of having several siblings, and we want to give that benefit to our children as well. 

May last year, as my youngest turned one, we decided it was time to start thinking of the next baby in line. Since then all my doings have been surrounded by the plans of me getting pregnant shortly.

Me deciding to not get pregnant with baby number three is a big deal. It shifts every plan me and my husband have for the future. 

The decision is not final, but for now I will lay it to rest. It feels really good. It feels like I can start living again. I can shift my focus. 

I believe this was a important step for me. Ever so tough. Whenever my head is above water. When I again am capable of manage what is now. Then I, we, can reconsider. 

2 thoughts on “Babymaking on halt”

  1. Good for you! If you’re feeling comfortable with your decision then it’s obviously the right choice for you, for now! If the time comes to reconsider, that’s great too! I had such a struggle on deciding for number 3 so kudos to you for being able to make a decision!!


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