Those little things

It is amazing how important a small, everyday comment can be to someone. Just a “hello”, “good to see you”, “we missed you last weekend” can mean the world to that one single person who’s had a terrible day. Or week. 

Last week I stopped to have a chat with one of my son’s preschool teachers. She told me that she really liked how I was helping the kids when I picked them up. The way I took my time with them, told them everything we did, named the clothes as we put them on. It wasn’t a big deal. She only told me shortly of a pleasant observation she had had. I almost started to cry. 

The very week I was feeling a lousy mother. Especially the part of getting the kids ready to go felt like a nightmare. The four year old was constantly challenging what to wear, with adjacent tantrums. Little brother didn’t want to alter what he was wearing. Not to change diapers, not if he was hot, not to put on a jacket. And he told us with a force. I felt helpless and tired. 

That small comment I got. I have no words. At that moment it was all I needed. 

Today’s encouragement from me: Say it out loud! That nice comment you kept to your self. It could be exactly what’s needed to make the day better. 

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