Valentine’s day

So it’s Valentine’s day. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s. Here, where I live, some people have started celebrating this day, but most people don’t.

Those who celebrate around here might have flowers or card for their loved one, they might share a bottle of wine or a nice meal. A few “extremists” might go to the length of hart shaped balloons, chocolate and a evening out. I really don’t see the point of it. 

Valentine’s was introduced here by the merchandise. By stores wanting to earn money on people spending more on things they don’t need. Just like they introduced Halloween and Black Friday. I simply refuse to follow. 

I realize that I probably would have to include Halloween when the kids get older, but I’ll stay away for as long as it can be avoided.

Get me right. I see the joy in traditions, in being good to each other, in being together in special events. I see why people love the special days of their societies. I love the special days we have here. The ones from our local culture, religion and traditions. On the other hand I do not care for the extra “traditions” that are lured into our society by someone who see the possibility of profit. 

Special days, holidays, celebrations should be about friends, family and loved ones. Not any idea of what these days should include, what you should do or buy. 

To all of you who celebrate Valentine’s because it’s a loved tradition of yours: Happy Valentine!

To all the rest of you: Have a grate day!

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