Alone with the kids, part 2

The list of what to do this weekend never happened. I decided to wing it. Sure, it usually get hectic when I have to entertain the kids by my self all day, but I figured I’ll mange. How bad could it get? Yes,I know, I should know better.

04:32 the night was over for my part. The princess claimed her eyes wouldn’t shut. By the time I had pursued her to rest a little while longer, the prince made it clear: the night IS OVER. 

I would have loved to have that plan ready. Especially since I could barely keep my eyes open. 

The tv won the first hour, with me half asleep on the couch. But then I managed to pull myself together. And what a day!

The kids were amazing. The four year old has been “reading”for little brother. She helped him with his puzzles. She agreed to take turns at what ever they where quarreling about. So I managed until about ten. 

Now there is still quite a few hours until bedtime, but now everything is under control. My mother-in-law joined us earlier today, and the kids adore her. She’s an old school teacher and has tons of tricks up her sleeve. 

She’ll join us until bedtime, and even cooks dinner! The day is saved, and I get to sit still with my feet up for a little while. Wonderful! 

There is nothing like dedicated grandparents. Love them!

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