Alone with the kids

An entire weekend, Friday morning to late Sunday evening, alone with the kids. 

I have known about this weekend for a while, but I have put of dealing with it until now. And now it’s here. An entire weekend. 

My plan so far is to always have something to do. Something the kids enjoy. Something educational? Creative? Something that doesn’t make the kids quarrel. Something that takes a while, but doesn’t make them bored. Something both the four year and the 18 month old can do. And something they both enjoy that doesn’t include tv and candy (preferably).

They should always have something to do, but there should be enough time all the time. So we don’t have to rush. Rushing the kids never ends well.

The list (that I never made) of things to do shrinks by the second. Only hours left till Saturday morning. 

Reports following…

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