Me time

Finally! Today is the day for my weekly exercise. The one exercise I’ve got written into my weekly plan. The one that I’ve got time for no matter what.

I left home just before my kids got to bed. In the car outside the gym I seriously considered to skip spinning class and do some light stretching instead. 

My history of exercise usually goes like this:

  1. I’m in terrible shape
  2. I decide it’s time to do something about it
  3. I start working out. Usually taking spinning classes where I easily can adjust the intensity without anyone seeing it
  4. I include yoga in my plan
  5. The exercise doesn’t hurt as much anymore
  6. I’m in better shape and expands to running and lifting weights
  7. I feel in good shape (wanted to say great, but that would be a lie)
  8. Something happens and I stop working out

After some time I’m in terrible shape again and decide it’s time to start working out.

Right now I’m at step three. I wonder how far I’ll get this time. 
And by the way. I went spinning today. 

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