Happy family (for once)

My last posts on family life has been kind of depressing. Screaming kids and parents going mad has been the red line in my family lately. 

That makes it even better when everything runs smoothly and the kids show the amazing selves. 

Yesterday we had some friends over for dinner. Friends we’ve known for a long time who don’t have kids of their own. We had dinner with the kids and they stayed the evening after we put the kids to bed. 

It was amazing. Usually our kids are rather reserved toward strangers, and can spend an entire evening getting to know someone new. This evening it took less than ten minutes before they had engaged our guests in fun. 

Everything ran smoothly. They say still the entire meal. They ate their vegetables! And above all, they were polite and smiling all evening.

A rarity these days.

It was a day filled with positive energy. We got to bed after the guests left and felt energized. Ready for anything! 

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