Cleaning the mud of

I read through my list of blog posts today. Sorry to say, but most of them are more or less gloomy and dark sided. My intentions with this blog was not to make a new dark corner in the world. My apologies to you all. From now on I'll try to focus on the good.… Continue reading Cleaning the mud of

What a weekend!

It's been quiet from me over the weekend. There is a reason for it. No disaster. No one is sick. It's just been crazy. Probably since I wrote my list over what to do when alone with the kids.  I wasn't alone this weekend. We had plans. We had visitors. We had playdates. Still. It… Continue reading What a weekend!

Motivation is showing itself…

It is getting easier to motivate myself for my exercises. I'm not in any shape worth mentioning jet, but it is easier to go find my gear and get going. That's a start!  Of course, it getting brighter outside, we have more daylight here up north. It is getting warmer. All in all it makes… Continue reading Motivation is showing itself…

Babymaking on halt

It was a difficult decision to make. The decision to not have the third baby. I remember my self thinking as I was giving birth to my second child: "This is torture! Maybe I should reconsider doing this again..." Even before my second child was born, number three was in my, our, plans. Me and… Continue reading Babymaking on halt

The quest of change

I have started my quest. Every day I work with my mind. I try to figure out what in my life I need to keep and what should go. I work my mind through possibilities. Consequences.  Some days something stays, other days something other. I haven't figured it out jet. Not at all. The solutions… Continue reading The quest of change

Those little things

It is amazing how important a small, everyday comment can be to someone. Just a "hello", "good to see you", "we missed you last weekend" can mean the world to that one single person who's had a terrible day. Or week.  Last week I stopped to have a chat with one of my son's preschool… Continue reading Those little things

Valentine’s day

So it's Valentine's day. I don't celebrate Valentine's. Here, where I live, some people have started celebrating this day, but most people don't. Those who celebrate around here might have flowers or card for their loved one, they might share a bottle of wine or a nice meal. A few "extremists" might go to the… Continue reading Valentine’s day

Alone with the kids: The list

Now it's finally here: The list of what to tho when you're alone with the kids over the weekend. The list I definitely should have had ready two weeks ago. Choose your battles. That's the most important in this family. In the everyday life there is a lot of battles. When alone with the kids… Continue reading Alone with the kids: The list