Explainable tantrums

Since last weekend I have been reading about children’s development leaps. All the articles I find describe how the children tend to act out and misbehave during these periods. Not by bad will, but because of frustration and feelings they are just not capable of handling any better. 

I realize that both my children, aged four and one and a half, are in the middle of one of those stages. 

My four year old has grown so much mentally. She is going from this little girl behavior to the more reasonable and challenging state of mind. Her new understanding of the world astonish me. 

My baby boy, 18 months, is developing so much language. He starts playing differently than before and suddenly it is so important to do everything his sister is doing.  

And I haven’t noticed it until now! I feel it dep in my heart. All I have seen is how the tantrums are piling up, how we can not go about ten minutes without at least one major decibel crisis. 

Now that I see what my children are going through I believe that I can handle things better. I hope I can handle it better. I have to. 

It should be easier now when I know why, shouldn’t it? 

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