Crying at work

Today I actually started crying at work. That’s a first for me.

I do not have a very emotional demanding job and I prefer keeping most of my emotional states (crying) to my self. Today I could not help it.

The office has little turnover when it comes to employees. The staff knows each other well and take good care of one other. Sounds like a fantasy place, right? It almost is.

So this morning, when telling each other about the weekend, I actually started crying. I guess the kids’ state of mind this weekend affected me more than I was aware of. Suddenly I felt completely exhausted and the tears started falling. Not my proudest moment. 

Luckily I work at this amazing place with these amazing co-workers. I get tons of understanding and empathy from my colleagues, and five minutes later we are back to business as usual. 

I dry my tears, fix my makeup and the daily work can begin. 

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