The very first.

First post. First blog. And all I can think is “baaad idea”. What could I possibly have to tell the world? Every week?

Well… First of.. I’m pissed. And it’s time to talk about it!

And that would have been an intriguing start had I really been pissed. I’m not. I’m just sad. Feeling disgusted. Of me. Myself. Of who I am, how I behave, what I wear, what I say. What I don’t say.

I hate myself. Sometimes.

Sometimes I love myself. I think I’m the most wonderful and most sensible person in the entire world. I can’t believe that no body else can see it!

That’s me. Going from minus ten to hundred and ten in two hours. And than back again. I don’t have a diagnosis, although I sometimes wonder if I should have had one.

The closest I get to a diagnosis is hormones. Female hormones, that is. I don’t even know much about them, other than that they tend to make the lives of my husband and I a lot more interesting. And the lives of the children of course. I try to spare the children from the worst of it, though.

This blog is about everyday life, minor crisis, major crisis, the small happy moments and the major life events. And all that through the mind of a slightly neurotic, full time working mom.
Hope you care to follow!


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