Explainable tantrums

Since last weekend I have been reading about children's development leaps. All the articles I find describe how the children tend to act out and misbehave during these periods. Not by bad will, but because of frustration and feelings they are just not capable of handling any better.  I realize that both my children, aged… Continue reading Explainable tantrums

Crying at work

Today I actually started crying at work. That's a first for me. I do not have a very emotional demanding job and I prefer keeping most of my emotional states (crying) to my self. Today I could not help it. The office has little turnover when it comes to employees. The staff knows each other… Continue reading Crying at work

Running away…

I'm quite proud of this transition from the last post. From being sulky that my husband wasn't in for the work of making baby number three, to desperately wanting to run away from everything. Get me right. I love my family. Above all. And I would do everything for them. This life, with this family,… Continue reading Running away…

The very first.

First post. First blog. And all I can think is "baaad idea". What could I possibly have to tell the world? Every week? Well... First of.. I'm pissed. And it's time to talk about it! And that would have been an intriguing start had I really been pissed. I'm not. I'm just sad. Feeling disgusted.… Continue reading The very first.